This pretty little dish is perfect for resting your rings in whilst washing hands, or on a dressing table to look after your jewellery. 


It was hand built from a soft slab of stoneware clay and the decoration was slip-trailed around the rim in a fluid pattern. Once dry it was bisque fired and then dipped in a blue, shiny glaze. Crushed, coloured glass was sprinkled in the middle to produce a deep blue centre. It was then fired again at 1240 degrees centigrade in an electric kiln. 


This is a very appealing little dish, but don’t be tempted to have a tea party with it, it is not suitable for food use.

Blue, Oval Ring Dish

  • Dimensions (approx.)

    Length: 11.7cm

    Width: 9.9cm

    Height: 2cm

    Weight: 100g