This vase has been hand thrown on the potters wheel using porcelain clay and fired in a kiln to 950 degrees and once decorated, a second firing to 1260 degrees. 


The leafy design at the base of the vase was made by hand trailing liquid clay, called slip, onto the body of the vase when it was drying. It’s a bit like icing a cake! The eyes were brushed on using a fine brush and a steady hand.


Inside the vase is clear glazed and the outside body has a white shiny glaze around the leaves and a dusky pink glaze on the top half. There is a section around the middle with no glaze. The head has been left as the smooth matt porcelain.


This vase is dishwasher safe but it is kinder to handmade ceramics to wash by hand.


The Beautifully Different range of vases are inspired by the wonderful variety of people we see in every day life. Let's celebrate individuality, shape, size and tastes that make our world a beautiful place.

Dusky Lace Vase, Small

  • Dimensions (approx.)

    Width: 8cm

    Height: 13.5cm

    Volume: 350ml

    Weight: 315g