Indoor, hanging planter with handmade matching beads


This hanging planter is the perfect addition to any home or office. Its simple, curved form is complemented by handmade beads and jute accents; suspended by cotton cord from a natural wooden ring. 


The planter was hand thrown on the potters wheel. When it was leather-hard the base was turned to form a completely smooth form. Once biscuit fired in the kiln the inside had a glossy white glaze poured in and the outside was dipped in  green, Chun glaze. The top of the planter was left with raw clay and it was then fired in the kiln to 1222 degrees centigrade.


The matching green beads were made by rolling a small tile of clay around a wooden dowel. The soft clay was marked with three fingertips and then left to dry on a board. They were fired alongside the planter. 


The cotton cord was threaded and knotted through the wooden ring and hand-stitched onto the planter. The jute accessories are wound around the cord for decoration only.

Hanging Planter

  • Dimensions (approx.)

    Width: 11cm

    Height: 7.5cm (50cm including rope and ring)

    Volume: 300ml