These elegant green jugs would look equally at home in a country kitchen or on a minimalist windowsill. Their straight, tapered bodies are complemented by a seductively curved handle to achieve a perfectly balanced aesthetic. 


The jug bodies were hand thrown on the potters wheel using white, stoneware clay and the bases were trimmed. To make the handles, the traditional method of ‘pulling’ was used as it gives a lovely curved shape that fits well in the hand. Once the handles were attached and the jugs were dry, they were fired in a kiln to 950 degrees centigrade. White, food-safe glaze was poured into the jugs and the outsides were dipped in my favourite green chun glaze. They were then fired again to 1222 degrees centigrade.


The simplicity of these jugs is what makes them so special. They are lovely to look at and handle, meaning they live their lives out on display and not tucked in a cupboard.


SKU: J19-G
  •   Large Medium Small
    Width 15cm 12cm 10cm
    Height 22cm 19cm 12cm
    Volume 1.2litres 650ml 300ml