These love heart vases are perfect for bringing the natural world indoors. 


There are three sizes of Love Heart Vase, each size slightly weighted at the base to give the arrangement stability. 


The vases were hand thrown on the pottery wheel using white stoneware clay. When they were dry enough to handle, the bases were neatly trimmed and the love heart motif was stamped into soft clay and stuck to the vase, just slightly above centre. They were then packed into the kiln and bisque fired to 950 degrees centigrade. Each vase was then dipped in a green, chun glaze and put back into the kiln to be fired at 1225 degrees centigrade.  


Each vase is slightly unique in both it’s size and glaze characteristics. Some vases have that elusive drip of glaze that stopped just before it hit the kiln shelf (I love these teasing drips) and others have darker and lighter patches of green as you look closely around the vase. Please be aware that because of the handmade nature of this product, the vase you order may differ a little from the picture given.

Love Heart Vase

  •   Large Medium Small
    Width 10cm 9cm 8cm
    Height 22cm 18cm 14cm
    Volume 700ml 600ml 300ml