These stoneware face mugs were made with the hope that they will make people smile. Some faces are cheeky, inquisitive, happy, serene or even asleep and all have a cheerful polkadot design on the inside. Grouping them together evokes memories of chatting with best friends - they all get on really well. 


Each colour has the same style of features drawn on the outside and comes in left-handed and right-handed options. Please select colour and hand preference when putting in your basket. 


Each mug started life on the potter's wheel and once bisque fired the decoration and glaze was put on by hand. This is when their characters start to shine through. They are then fired again, but this time to 1240 degrees centigrade. 


Due to the nature of handmade work, please expect each mug to be slightly different and to show some imperfections. That's what makes handmade ceramics so special and with these particular mugs, adds to their character.


The mugs can be dishwashed but it is always kinder to handmade ceramics to wash them by hand.

Stoneware Face Mugs

Left-handed or Right-handed?
  • Dimensions (approx.)

    Width: 9.5cm

    Height: 7.5cm

    Volume: 400ml/ 14 fl.oz

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