Fiona Swepson

As a primary school teacher I enjoyed a very satisfying but hectic career for many years. What better way to switch off after a busy week at work than to join a pottery class? I did and I fell deeply into the world of ceramics. So much so, that after a few years of devouring everything I could find about this wonderful new world I found myself in, I decided to step back from teaching primary school children and become a full time potter.


At the beginning of 2016 I became one of the resident potters at Unique Cottage Studios, Spalding and now spend two days a week there teaching classes and running The Pottery Hub.  The Hub is a small group of experienced potters that come to the studio to use the equipment but more importantly chat and bounce ideas around. 

The rest of the week is spent in my garden studio with Maggie,  my little west highland terrier, designing and making my own pottery. This is where I can try out new ideas and develop my style inspired by the shapes, patterns and colours found in nature.